Inner Peace Yoga Method, Columbia, SC

The Inner Peace Yoga Method:
A Choice that Will Change Your Life

The Inner Peace Yoga Method is the foundation of a stress-free life. Developed by Helen Summer, the practice combines the Relaxation Response and Restorative Yoga.

The Relaxation Response is your body’s natural reaction to soothing surroundings and stress release techniques, creating a calm, restful state. As the opposite of your fear-based "fight or flight" reaction, the Relaxation Response allows you to "rest and digest."

Restorative Yoga involves gentle relaxation poses that capitalize on and enhance your restful state, creating a sublimely serene peace of body, mind and soul.
Sound good? You bet! You can also bet it feels even better.

Top 5 Benefits of the Inner Peace Yoga Method:


The Inner Peace Yoga Method is all-inclusive for its ability to focus on your needs, your body, your mind, your spirit and your specific circumstances.

You turn your attention inward, developing an inner awareness that allows you to find the pockets of accumulated stress and then use relaxation techniques to slowly, deliberately deflate them.

Naturally relax and empty out.


Your mind is no longer held prisoner to yesterday’s regrets or tomorrow’s fears. You become truly alive in the here and now. You are acutely aware of the world around you and your place in it.


You’ll enjoy the effects of the Inner Peace Yoga Method immediately. The effects also tend to stick around. The more you practice, the longer they’ll last, until they ultimately become part of who you are and how you respond to everything you encounter.


The Inner Peace Yoga Method capitalizes on your body’s own natural stress-relief powers. You are at peace in a balanced state – the way our bodies, minds and souls were meant to be.

All about you

Forget the one-size-fits-all solutions. The Inner Peace Yoga Method focuses exclusively on what you need at that exact moment. And then it provides it by letting you get into that moment. This comes about by the extreme focus the Method produces, allowing you to customize your practice to whatever is currently disturbing or disrupting your natural balance.